Volunteers are the backbone of our communities. We welcome persons of all ages in helping build communities through the many activities surrounding the labyrinth construction. Become a strong pillar of strength to the many people who are struggling through difficult times.Come join us and complete a volunteer application online and email to info@lohsociety.org. Please enjoy viewing the slideshow entitled “LOHS Volunteers” under the inspirational section on our main page. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers in areas of horticulture, fundraising, event planning and social networking.

Community participation through work, fun and learning opportunities!

Do you enjoy the outdoors, working with your hands, and taking pride in the beauty of nature? Here is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy social connections as you work in the labyrinth. Come participate in Abbotsford’s Mill Lake Park labyrinth.  There is much to do to complete this project.  We are waiting for funding towards bricks and flowers and this will help us complete the project sooner.   If you would like to donate money, time and energy and or materials, please contact us at info@lohsociety.org

Mill Lake Park Garden labyrinth is in it’s final stages of completion.  We  anticipate having several workshops per year to interested ones who would like to learn how to walk a labyrinth.

Other workshops will include: Wellness & Health, Life & Fitness, Meditation, Natural Healing, Self Improvement workshops and more.  If you are presently a workshop facilitator who would like to lead workshops, please contact Labyrinths of Hope Society.

This poster below was contributed to Labyrinths of Hope Society by John Walker, one of our ongoing dedicated volunteers.  Please read John’s thoughts on how you might enjoy  yourself while walking the labyrinth.  To enlarge and read poster please click on image.

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Volunteer Membership Form (click on this form)

Please complete the form above and email to info@lohsociety.org or fax application to 604-806-8268.


volunteers of MLP Abbotsford




Labyrinths of Hope Society is a proud member of Volunteer Canada and since 2010.


We want acknowledge and thank Maya Sinclair, a local resident of Abbotsford, who works as a care-giver and makes time to come to the labyrinth to water the garden.  We appreciate your efforts in making water checks especially since the hot weather is upon us.


Maya Sinclair – volunteer


We have a visitor that comes to the garden labyrinth everyday with his proud parents John & Violet who  sit in the shade to rest, relax, read and enjoy the garden.  This visitor is a rabbit by the name of “MIMO”.  Here is a picture of him.


 Mimo – visitor