Some say a labyrinth is a sacred place, a place of contemplation, a place of prayer, a healing pilgrimage.  Some experience pleasant, calming and centering when walking the labyrinth.

We invite you to join others to viist the Kwomais Point Park and Mill Lake Park.  Enjoy the fresh air and the seasons through the labyrinth with nature.  As you walk the labyrinth, clear your mind and listen to the natural sounds of nature which surrounds you when circling the pathway of the labyrinth.  The walk to the center is an act of quieting your mind to help release the tension and conscious thoughts of the day or a problem at hand, opening us to receive or releasing whatever is needed.  You may have to walk the labyrinth a few times before you really feel comfortable with this experience.  Allow yourself the benefit of the space a labyrinth can provide you.  It’s an opportunity for yours to explore!


First built “Eagles’ Nest” labyrinth located in Kwomais Point park in South Surrey, B.C.   We enjoyed the planting event which took place on October 13, 2012 with help from City of Surrey staff,  Whiterock South Surrey Hospice volunteers and Labyrinths of Hope Society staff  and volunteers.   Indigenous plants make up the gardens surrounding the labyrinth.  What a worthwhile community effort that took place that morning.  We had rain however, once the planting was finished the rain came out and we were able to give the Surrey Firefighters a tour of the labyirnth.

Photo before Eagles’ Nest Labyrinth was built.

Kwomais Point Park before labyrinth was builit

Kwomais Point Park Labyrinth (click on link to see aerial map of Eagles’ Nest Labyrinth)

Co-Founder of Labyrinths of Hope Society, Al Bailey


‘Mill Lake Park’ labyrinth has completed a platform bridge for those in wheechairs can complete the labyrinth.  We are accepting funds for a dedication stone to be erected on site. We are proud  of the  Mill Lake Park labyrinth,  7,500 sq. ft garden.

Most of the plants were donated by a local community garden and others bulbs from local garden stores.  We installed a second installation of plants for the garden to come up this Spring 2014.

To assist us with future growth of plants in the garden, please send your donation to help maintain the garden year after year.  This labyrinth is a permanent site for many years to come.

Labyrinths of Hope Society, Vancouver, B.C. V5V 2B1 – 778-938-4150.

Mill Lake Park Labyrinth is located on Bevan Avenue between Emerson & Ware Street, in Abbotsford, B.C.  Labyrinths are open from dawn to dusk.  Open everyday for the public to enjoy.




We want to thank the City of Abbotsford for endorsing the land to Labyrinths of Hope Society.  Our Society is fully responsible for the construction and maintenance of the garden labyrinth.  We will be taking care of the garden labyrinth  year after year with garden plants.



map of Mill Lake Park


Mill Lake Park Labyrinth is located in Abbbotsford on Bevan Avenue between Emerson & Ware Streets.   To access labyrinth enter off of Bevan parking lot.  Labyrinth open from dusk to dawn.


We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who have a passion for gardening.  Interested volunteers please click highlighted form below:

Volunteer Membership Form


Please send your scanned form via email to or mail to 1008 E 24th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5V 2B1


Building Communities, One Labyrinth at a Time!

How did Labyrinths of Hope Begin?

Two dedicated semi-retired persons joined forces to create a wonderful vision.  Combining their love of plants & soil; creating a place of peace, silence & solace,  an outside garden is now a platform to share their passion while helping others in the  local  community.

People who are suffering in  “silence”  can go to a public meeting area and go through their own healing process.  Walking a labyrinth, hence, the creation of Labyrinths of Hope Society.

This journey took three  years of meetings with people in the community and with City of Abbotsford and City of  Surrey where the Society obtained full support and partnered with their vision to build outdoor labyrinths.  We are very thankful to all the people who help us make this dream possible!

Labyrinths of Hope Society was  established in November 2009 with a first board of directors .

Workshops are in the planning stage and the public will have the opportunities for healing the mind, body &  soul.  If you are a practitioner and would like to put on a workshop for us, please contact us.

You can help us by choosing to make a donation today.

Please mail your donation to:

Labyrinths of Hope Society, Vancouver, B.C.

Please  inquire  778-938-4150.

We are always seeking volunteers of all ages and abilities to spend in the labyrinth or presentingcommunity activities: i.e. music, relaxation, healing, education, and recreation.

Please fill out the volunteer form/ template and mail and/or  email to

We as a Society are always grateful to receive persons offering their volunteer time and/or donations.  It’s a means for the Society to continue caring for the upkeep of the garden labyrinth and allows us to develope and present educational workshops about the labyrinth.

If you are a Labyrinth facilitator and would like to donate a few hours of your time educating the public on the process of walking a labyrinth, please contact me, Shirley Charles, 778-938-4150.


  • We are avaiable to provide details on events in your community.
  • Community workshops and talks in your local area  can be arranged by contacting 778-938-4150.
  • Please review our tweets from time to time on the front page of our website for any upcoming events at the garden labyrinth in Abbotsford, B.C.  We are always looking for others interested in labyrinths and any activities involving this outdoor space.