Alfred J. Bailey – Field Supervisor & Co-Founder


Photo on 15-06-27 at 7.57 PM #6

Shirley J. Charles – Executive Director & Co-Founder


Ivy Stanley – Chair – Founding Director



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Contributions: We want to publicly thank and acknowledge Bill Godden from Langely BC who created and donated over 50 wooden lap-size finger labyrinths for your enjoyment and peace of mind. Please request one for you or one of your friends or family members.


LABYRINTHS OF HOPE SOCIETY’S CONSITUTION –  Constitution - registered Society since November 2009


Drawing of Roses and Labyrinths

Painting by Jono


If you have any paintings and photos you would like to donate to Labyrinths of Hope Society we would love to be able to have them displayed on our website for everyone around the world to see.  Please inquiry at