Labyrinths of Hope Society

Labyrinths of Hope Society relies solely on donations and services to continue its work to maintain the Society’s labyrinths.  Please send your donations payable to Labyrinths of Hope Society, P.O. Box, Clinton, B.C. VOK 1KO. We are so grateful to the City of Abbotsford who gave us permission to have our labyrinth displayed in the Mill Lake park. The Society maintains the labyrinth strictly by volunteers and the Society stocks plants each season. We appreciate your contributions. Please send the by mail and you will receive a receipt from the Society. Please make your donations payable to “Labyrinths of Hope Society”. Each contribution you can request we send you a complimentary wooden finger labyrinth that can be used in the privacy of your home or anywhere you choose to share with others. Please write to with any questions.

“Eagles’ Nest” labyrinth located in Kwomais Point Park located at 128 Street and 13th Avenue officially opened on October 13, 2012 and is available to the public 24/7.  There is a second labyrinth situated in Abbotsford, B.C. in Mill Lake Park Labyrinth. The Society named the labyrinth after the park “Mill Lake Labyrinth”. There is plenty of parking off of Benson Avenue between Emerson and Ware Streets.

For inquiries on how you can volunteer and/or participate in any of our workshops, garden crews write to us at

We depend on your lovely donations to continue the activities and purposes of the Society.   Plants & seed donations, garden labour is needed and always appreciated.  All your donations go directly into the expense of keeping the labyrinths stocked with flowers/plants and maintenance of pathways.

We are arranging to have a donation process online; however, in the meantime you can send donations through the mail: P.O. Box 643, Clinton, B.C. VOK 1KO.  

Please consider volunteering in the labyrinth at the Abbotsford location by filling out the volunteer form on the front page of our website. Placing your name as a volunteer to be available for garden crew opportunities you can win a free T-shirt.