About Us

Labyrinths of Hope Society  exists to provide outdoor meeting places (labyrinths) for “secondary” victims known to us as the “Silent Sufferers“.

We are focused on promoting the many benefits of garden labyrinths and educational modules on different levels of  Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual.

Purpose: Create, design and build garden labyrinths obtained through donations and sponsors/partners.

  • Provide opportunities for gatherings where education on labyrinths and alternative healing practitioners talks can occur.
  • Labyrinths of  Hope Society acts as a resource directory and information database of alternative practitioners.

We welcome donations to further the purposes of the Labyrinths of Hope Society by raising funds through the sponsors; memberships; and fund-raising activities/events.

Our Service to the Community

The Labyrinths of Hope Society offers an outside meeting place known as garden labyrinths (wheel-chair accessible) where caregivers and others who are victims of secondary trauma gather to socialize, learn and experience for themselves solace, peace and serenity.  It is the Society’s purpose to provide  you with the opportunity to increase your well-being  through a balanced body, mind and spirit as you continue to further your experience through your self journey of the labyrinth.  We welcome you to our wellness community where you will be given access to our professional directory which to continue your healing process and meet others as you continue to go within. The labyrinth is our meeting place for your social, spiritual, mental and emotional connectivity with others in your community. Our society is non-denominational. The labyrinth we present to the public is for relaxation and peace of mind. A safe, quiet place for people to meander.

You are never lost or forgotten when you are walking the path of a Labyrinth.

Who is eligible for these workshops & services?

  • Caregivers and loved ones to victims of primary trauma.
  • Anyone suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Others who have absorbed the emotions of traumatized patients for whom they care, and who need to be refreshed in spirit and mind.
  • People grieving the illness or loss of a loved one.
  • People whose health is deteriorating and who need to renew their courage and healing.
  • People facing the need for hospice care who are looking for a beneficial alternative.
  • Individuals who network with support groups.
  • Holistic healers of primary & secondary victims.
  • Anyone desiring to learn about self discovery through the use of the labyrinth

We welcome persons of any age, spiritual belief, regardless of your status in life.   Our meeting places are the platform are for social and community events.